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Semiring Inc. at the NavalX Seaside Chat in Indianapolis

Semiring Inc. will be present at the NavalX Seaside Chat in Indianapolis organized by the Defense Entrepreneurs, and in particular DEF Bloomington. This is Wednesday, October 16th at Dallara IndyCar Factory at 5:30 PM.

We will present our AI and NLP projects, technologies and research (Val, Tony, and Damir will be there). Poster, fliers, demo material will be available on the Semiring website shortly after. The current technologies and engineering efforts at Semiring cover Text to Knowledge Graph, image and text to Scene Graph, linking to knowledge representations and reasoning, deep and broad NLP API services for high-performance big(ger)-data analytics in the cloud or on premise in top-security environments, covering numerous languages, deep semantic analysis, temporal reasoning, deception, fake news, and propaganda detection.

Come to NavalX/DEF and let us talk about all that!

Your Semiring Team


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