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Semiring Inc. expands its team with top experts

Semiring Inc. welcomes:

as associates and partners.

Abdulaziz is a graduate from Indiana University in Bloomington in Computer Science. His expertise is in user interface design mobile app development, and (data) visualization in connection to distributed NLP and Knowledge Graph applications.

Khaled is an almunus from Indiana University in Bloomington, who finished his PhD in Computational Linguistics. He has more than 5 years of industrial experience in the development of conversational agents for Arabic, linguistic data curation, syntactic and semantic data annotation and quality control for training machine learning models, writing formal grammars for NLU, validating speech training data, and creating pronunciation dictionaries and guidelines for phonetic transcription. He has more than 15 years of experience with academic research in the domain of NLP data and resources and computational linguistics for Arabic and its dialects, with numerous publications, including a book publication, on NLP, linguistics, and social media.

We are glad to have such experts from different disciplines with broad know-how and expertise join our advisory team!

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